Hopeful romantic documenting meaningful love stories all around planet Earth

Hi — nice to meet you!

My name is Michèle and I’m a photographer, book worm, Star Wars enthusiast and world traveler based in the Netherlands. Studio Memoire stems from my fascination for love and relationships. Not just the romantic kind, friendships and family bonds are just as dear to me both personally and professionally. I love seeing, feeling and documenting love in all its magical forms.

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Proof of life

Getting married during this day and age is more meaningful than it has ever been. A conscious choice, not necessarily inclined by tradition or expectation. You are getting married because you want to. The way you want to. Joined by the people you love most. And that deserves beautiful documentation – proof of life and love.



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Albums & prints — the tangible memories

Print is where it’s at. The numerous and wonderful photo albums my parents documented all phases of our lives in are most precious to me. I strive to give you printed memories to feel the same way about and more. Have a look:

Albums & prints


Here for
it all

The fun, crazy, pure, characteristic moments that make up your day — here to capture & celebrate it in all its wonderful variety.


Albums & prints

Consider your memories safely stored in beautiful albums & prints to last a lifetime.



Because it matters.

Monochrome magic

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YAY — tell me all about you and your special day